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I would like to thank you and your congregation for the very warm welcome this past weekend. It greatly added to my Shabbat away from home.

Please accept my small contribution in appreciation of the aliyah on Shabbat. B'Shalom!



Our Shul Is, Well, Our Shul
It was very, very, very good being back in shul this morning! Being at Or Simcha is like being home, drinking a cup of warm coffee and relaxing over a book on Art, or standing in front of a new canvas contemplating how it will start looking like something. The friendships I have made at shul enrich my life. 

We Have An Interesting Rabbi

As for you, my strange-accented, bearded friend, your sense of fun-loving permeates our little room, and the zest you bring to your dvar torah messages does not permit sleep! (I know this, 'cause I checked the two gentlemen on either side as you spoke, and they were wide awake!!) All we need now is a kangaroo for a gabbai!  






Thank you for a wonderful Yom Kippur service.

Absolutely beautiful.


Thank you very much for the wonderful honor during Yom Kippur and the roles throughout the holidays.  Surely I was not worthy, but I'm truly grateful nonetheless!  Nothing brings true perspective like pleading to be inscribed and praying for atonement.  Finally, and not to be understated, was how great a job you did with the high holiday services.  Kudos! 

Wanted to thank-you for all your hard work to once again pull off a wonderful and meaningful holiday. The ruach, insightful messages and haimishe crowd was truly something to be experienced.


Just wanting to let you know I have never experienced a Yom Kippur like this in my life. I feel so cleansed and am like a changed man. Those three students in black hats were really something. Can’t wait for Simchat Torah.


No words can describe the joy and inspiration. I am still on a high days later. I thank Hashem daily for giving me the Rabbi and his family and Or Simcha. I will be sending an extra Yizkor donation through the website in appreciation.


The speeches really hit the core. Such profound messages.


Rabbi, I saw your youtube video and I think you’re ready for prime time.


Thank you for taking the effort to have part of the service prayers in English. Most definitely made my High Holiday experience much more meaningful.


Even though we aren’t regulars my wife and I felt so much at home at Or Simcha. And the children just wanted to keep going  back for more. Please email us more information about your Hebrew School.



Sorry to be so late in contacting you, but the chagim have been a whirl, of course, and most of all for you!


We were delighted that we could join you for at least some of the services. and so I wanted you to know how much we enjoyed being with your congregation. Your services are wonderful, and I appreciate your dvar Torah. Although we often are out of town over Shabbat, as winter comes we will make an effort to join you.


I will be sure to send a donation which will arrive soon. But my main point is to thank you for welcoming us, and for creating such a warm atmosphere.


With best regards, and chag sameach,



Very nice coverage of last Sunday's event in the Wilmette Life. You even got front page. Impressive!!! Keep up the tremendous work you are doing.



I would like to thank you for thinking of us. We would like to send you a donation in memory of my mother and father. May family and I would like to wish you a L'Shonah Tovah. All the bestto you and yours.



3 words to describe your Personal High Holidays Invitation video message . "I LOVED IT!"


Other feedback from the video:



Very clever.

Ok I'm convinced. I'm coming.

Loved your joke. Put us down for 2 adults and 3 children.



Thanks so much for the hospitality that you showed our son this summer. He truly enjoyed spending Shabbat with your families.

We really appreciate it.

L'Shana Tova!



Thank you for the cards, visits and calls received received after the passing of my dear brother.

Please accept my gratitude for your visits and condolence messages.

They are deeply appreciated and helped greatly during Shiva.



Thank you for inviting us to a wonderful event. Just loved the company, the show and the food.



What a Dinner. You totally outdid yourselves. The best Dinner yet and they all have been great.





To our wonderful Morah Esther Raitman

Thank you for all your kindness and patience in teaching us Torah and Judaism. Helping us grow as young Jews by doing Mitzvot is truly appreciated.



A GREAT Lag B'Omer picnic! Had a wonderful time.  Everyone is soooooooooooo friendly.  Thanks so much for always thinking of me.



Thank you for the matza for our family. Our kids are really excited to eat it this year for the first time. We will send 10xCHAI through the online donation link.



We can't believe you drove so far just to make sure we had Shmurah matza for Passover. You never fail to amaze us and for that we are most grateful.

Let's get together really soon.



G. and I wish you all a zissen Pesach and good health always! Fondly,
p.s. toda for the shmura matzoh.



Thanks for the delicious shmurah matza.   It looked so good, we
opened the box last night and had a taste.   Just kidding!

Wishing you and your family the best during Pesach!



I have been overwhelmed with everything that has happened since my mother's passing. I am hoping to get to Or Simcha during Pesach. Thank you for all you and the many friends at the Shul have done, and continue to do, for my family.



We just received the matza. So thoughtful of you. A donation will be going out in the mail for Or Simcha.



I'm responding to your request in the Schmooze to assist in delivering shmurah matza. What a wonderful mitzva. Tell me when and I'll be there.



We can't begin to thank you for the fantastic experience of inviting us to share your Shabbat Dinner with you. We will remember that evening for the REST of our lives. We both are blessed in knowing you.

Our sincere thanks in giving both of us a lovely memory and look forward to seeing you at Synagogue.




Submitted by Rabbi Ari Friedman – Yeshiva Meor HaTorah

This past Shabbat, I joined the 11th grade for a Shabbos of Chizuk (inspiration) in Wilmette; the home town of their classmate Ari Scher.  We are thankful to the Scher Family for all their efforts that went above and beyond into making the Shabbat of Chizuk in Wilmette so successful and enjoyable

On Friday night we were treated to a heartwarming "Hartzegeh" Kabbalat Shabbat  at the Or Simcha Shul. Singing and dancing around the Shul is not a usual occurrence back here in Chicago and the Bachurim (students) enjoyed the opportunity to loosen up a bit to let their love of Shabbat shine through. The Friday night seudah (meal) was held in the Scher home where we were joined by the Rav, Rabbi Moishe Raitman. Mrs. Scher provided the bachurim with a variety of delicacies while the bachurim enhanced the atmosphere with DivreiTorah and Zemirot. The evening culminated with a "farbrengen" style Oneg(joined by members of the community) led by Rabbi Moishe Raitman. The boys stayed late in to the night singing zemirot and sharing divrei Torah.

After Davening on Shabbat morning, the Wilmette Jewish community joined us for the seuda – sit-down Kiddush luncheon. The food as well as the ruach were excellent.  The Bachurim interacted with members of the community who were visibly impressed. In addition to Divrei Torah offered by the bachurim, various members of the community spontaneously rose to address the bachurim and share their positive impressions of the Bnei HaYeshiva.

Mincha was held at Rabbi Raitman's home followed by  Seudat Shlishit prepared by Mrs. Raitman. The Bachurim again sang many Zemirot and joined me for a Siyum Masechta followed by Divrei Torah.

Motzei Shabbat was a continuation of the Achdut (unity) and good time. - playing  winter baseball   at ''Frozen Ropes" and then being joined by Rabbi Plotnik for Melave Malka back at the Scher's home, with a delicious winter barbecue catered by the talented Mr. Scher!

Thank you so much to all the Bochurim who prepared Divrei Torah and to Ahron Rubinstein for his superb job as Baal Koreh. Thank you to Rabbi Plotnik for joining the Bochurim on Motzei Shabbat, and thank you Mishpachat (family) Friedman for giving up their Tatty for Shabbat.

A special Yasher Koach to Ari Scher for pulling it all together.



Thank you. The Lisa Aiken Shabbaton was an enjoyable weekend, well organized. Much appreciate it.



It was truly a delight and we enjoyed being together with you on Shabbos.



The Sabbath Services are filled with a lot of "Ruach" at Or Simcha. I love davening there!!!



$500 donation enclosed for the end of the year. Keep up the good work.



Happy Chanukah. Please use the check to help sponsor the Kiddush Luncheon during the Community Shabbaton in January. It is in the zechus (merit) of my daughter. Thanks.



Thank you for the FNL. We had a really good time. Speaker was excellent and fascinating.



Please accept this small donation in honor and gratitude for being able to observe my wife's 2nd Yahrzeit together with you. Todah and Love.



Thank you for always thinking of me and including me in your community events. I would like to show my appreciation by sending Or Simcha $36.



We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you've done for our family during this time of loss. We cannot express our appreciation in just words for the kindness and compassion you have shown.

Thank you for your generosity, friendship and guidance.



The Dinner was one of perfection. A touch of class. So relaxing and entertaining. We are proud to be members of Or Simcha and look forward to many more such great events.



Thank you for being there with us, making a minyan everyday, providing meals, calling to check on us and on and on.

Your caring kindness and support during this most difficult time is most appreciated.

We are grateful to have such good friends.



Dear Esther, Thank you for teaching our daughter Hebrew. It makes me so happy to see her enjoy learning Hebrew. You are a great teacher and she loves going to Hebrew School on Sunday morning.



Your shmurah matzah for Passover was a pleasant surprise. It made the Seder extra special for our family and guests. Enclosed is $100 for your wonderful community.



Dear Rabbi Moish, Thank you for preparing me for my Bar Mitzvah. Also the best gift of all was being able to learn with you Rabbi Moish.